Birthstone Charm Pendants




Celebrate your birthstone or harness the energy you want to attract with a beautiful Birthstone. To be added to a chain and worn solo as an understated chic pendant or to be added as a charm to your favourite necklace.

This elegant birthstone charm pendant is a special and spiritual piece of sterling silver jewellery. Each chosen birthstone charm is set in a sterling silver pendant, making it the perfect personalised jewellery gift for a loved one or yourself. The magic of our Birthstone pendant collection is that you can keep adding to it with multiple birthstone pendants turning a chain into a spiritual charm necklace. 

Alongside celebrating the month of your birth with your chosen birthstone you might like to attract more peace and prosperity into your life, if so  Garnet - the birthstone of January would be a perfect charm to add. Or perhaps you have trouble sleeping, in which case August’s birthstone Peridot would be an ideal addition; whatever you desire to attract or celebrate you can keep collecting these timeless handmade gold pendants. Beautiful birthstone jewellery charms to treasure for a lifetime.

You chosen Birthstone Charm Pendant will come in a Charlotte’s Web gift box, including our Birthstone guide to find your lucky charms.

  • Sterling silver and choice of real gemstones (5mm and 6mm)
  • Handmade
  • If you would like to add a chain then click here
  • All of our stones are real so colours may vary 

Code: JP164