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Bold, Brave and Brilliant, our Bestsellers

Who could have imagined, when we began our very first journey to India, that our love affair with this vibrant country and all her wonders would blossom and bloom into the treasure trove of uplifting, enchanting and captivating jewellery which now fills the world of Charlotte´s Web. Over the years, our collections have grown, matured and expanded, however, our firm favourite collections remain, our signature styles, which are loved by us and our customers equally.    

On Charlotte´s very first visit to India, she was immediately entranced by the spinning rings she found there, drawn to their unique qualities, and their effortless combination of beauty and healing properties, having originated in Tibet and historically being used as meditation or anxiety rings, with the repetitive spinning motion instantly soothing the soul and the mind. These rings were the inspiration for the majestic and magnificent Rajput selection of jewellery which you see today, our true signature collection, and the foundation of our boutique in many ways. Beginning with our first ever Rajput ring, adorned with garnet and turquoise, the collection has organically grown to include an ever increasing selection of rings, now of even greater quality, incorporating turquoise, pearl and other precious stones, which work so perfectly with the colours of the mixed metals used in each piece.

Over the last few years, due to the incredible popularity of the Rajput rings, we were naturally drawn to introduce spinning bangles, in varying different styles and colours, and more recently, the spinning pendants in a myriad of colours and designs, which proved to be a runaway success, again combining the elegance and expert craftsmanship with their calming, healing properties. Our Rajput collection now includes earrings, and you can mix and match your desired pieces to create a bespoke set, feeling the spirit of India in each and every design.

We can´t quite put our finger on the reason that the Rajput collection enchants so many of our customers.. is it the impeccable combination of the shimmering turquoise against the metals, or the way the collection photographs so well, we just can´t define it, but it continues to be our number one selling collection, and will always be incredibly relevant and important to us as a brand.

Our other bestselling range is our Karma spinning jewellery collection, so different to the Rajput, it attracts a different style of customer, those who are seeking pieces which are more substantial, chunky, yet supremely stylish, the unusual nature of the design of our Karma spinning jewellery selection makes it a true statement collection, timeless pieces which will enhance any wearer. Graceful and enigmatic, each piece is handmade from exquisite sterling silver and mixed metals, and many of the pieces feature intricate hand hammered detailing, which really makes the Karma collection stand out from much of the jewellery to be found on the high street.

A new contender to the throne is our Turquoise Silver Flower Ring, a statement, handmade turquoise and silver flower ring with an ornate flower and leaf design, which has an organic feel with ornate brass vine detailing. Part of our Turquoise collection this is growing rapidly in popularity, and we love to see our new pieces being enjoyed and admired so much.

So, what is your charm of choice, your regal ring, or your brilliant bangle favourite piece? Dive deeper into the world of Charlotte´s Web to inspire, uplift and empower yourself with our bestselling collections and so much more..

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