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Silver Spinning Rings - The Story

Our signature collection of sterling silver spinning rings, bracelets and charms are consistently some of our best selling pieces, year after year. We often wonder if it´s the sheer elegance of the pieces themselves, the unusual and unique designs, or the fact that they are so interactive for the wearer which make them so popular. 

Rajput spinning set

Our sterling silver spinning rings are by far some of our most desirable pieces, and indeed they have a fascinating history, having been used throughout history as a tool to calm anxiety, aid meditation and encourage a peaceful state of mind. Spinning rings are often also referred to as meditation rings, worry rings, spinner rings, prayer rings, motion rings and swivel rings, and along with their enchanting style, they offer many life enhancing benefits.

Rajput making

Inspired by the ancient Tibetan Mandalay prayer wheel, one of the most integral parts of the Buddhist meditation technique, a prayer wheel is turned to alleviate stress and anxiety, and acts as an aid to harmonise the environment, enhance compassion, calm and control the mind, and for centuries has helped many on their path to enlightenment. Meditation rings, and spinning rings are believed to bring good luck and good fortune to their wearer, along with a noticeable sense of serenity and peace.

 Making Rajput Spinning Rings

Time tells us truths, and the longevity of these spinning rings, or meditation rings prove that they truly can act as an aid, although not always a cure, to significantly reduce the levels of tension and anxiety in a stressful situation. Those who suffer from anxiety often feel the need to ´do something’ with their hands, and the calming, repetitive motion of spinning the ring, offers busy minds and hands an easy way to relax, and over time, people who wear spinning rings or worry rings on a regular basis will find their fingers automatically reaching for that soothing silver band whenever an anxious moment arises.


Spinning rings are designed so that the outer smaller rings spin on the main inner ring which encircles the finger. Their intricate nature means that much time, thought and true craftsmanship goes into the creation of each of our spinning jewellery pieces. Made with love and care in India, by artisans whose skills have been handed down as gift from one generation to the next for centuries, each piece is truly a work of art. The base of the ring is made first, expertly curved and hand hammered to ensure precise shaping, and then the separate spinning bands are gently slotted on top so that they can spin with the ease and elegance that you see when they adorn your hand. The precious gemstones are carefully added at the finale. This process takes real expertise, time and patience, which is why the end result is so exceptional.

Making spinning rings

Our extensive range of spinning jewellery is mainly crafted from sterling silver, chosen not only for its beauty, but for its hard wearing properties, as opposed to softer metals such as gold. At Charlotte’s Web, our collection encapsulates an enticing selection of styles, ranging from the chunky spinning rings in our majestic Rajput collection, to more slender and simple silver spinner rings, and also offers a touch of oriental glamour with the opulent, ornate gemstone adorned spinning rings, bangles and pendants.

Spinning Bangles  

The unusual nature of these stylish spinning rings and other spinning jewellery make a thoughtful gift for loved ones, as they effortlessly combine elegance and style with wellbeing. Our captivating spinning rings can also be worn as engagement rings for both men and women of all ages.


We like to think that our spinning jewellery recreates the heady feeling of adventure and travel, jewellery which transports you to a magical place, everyday luxury, created consciously.

Karma Spinning Set 
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