New Year, New You, Make 2017 your Year to Truly Shine

Posted on 03 January 2017

As we bid a fond farewell to 2016 and welcome the New Year with open hearts, and a positive, powerful and feel good focus on what 2017 will bring us, this is a perfect time to reflect, and give gratitude for what we have already and what we will continue to receive.

In this ever changing world, so full of conflict and disruption, what can we do to ensure that we play a productive role in our own lives, and also help those less fortunate than ourselves. To us, positivity is the key, setting attainable goals for yourself, facing fears, breaking boundaries and pushing yourself to achieve your individual dreams, however big or small they may be...

Changing the way you look at life can be as simple as or as difficult as you make it. Some choose yoga, meditation, or other spiritual ways to enhance their own mindfulness, finding peace and enlightenment through these gentle, peaceful practices. Our spinning jewellery pieces were inspired by the ancient Tibetan meditation rings, which have been used for centuries not only to gracefully adorn hands, but to soothe your spirit and naturally calm an anxious mind.

Your own wellbeing is of the utmost importance, and many of us lead such busy lives that we often neglect ourselves, and spend so much time trying to please others. So, this year, try to ensure that you make some time for YOU. Book a massage, go for a long walk in a beautiful nature spot, indulge in some retail therapy, whatever it is that will make you feel good inside.

Others find inspiration in the arts and culture, so make this the year in which you try something new, whether it’s learning a new language, joining an art class, creating new culinary delights, or simply broadening your horizons by visiting new places. Another way to raise your vibration is by helping others, so perhaps this year could be the time to help a worthwhile cause, donate some time to helping a charity, or a cause close to your heart. Happiness comes from within, and only you have the power to enhance your inner self.

Will this be the year you throw caution to the wind and set off on a travelling adventure you have always dreamed of? Take inspiration from Charlotte, our founder, whose first visit to India was the pivotal point of her life, and as she became entranced by this magical country with its colourful, intoxicating culture, she slowly but steadily realised her passion for not just India, but the inspiration which the culture provides, was where our signature range of spinning jewellery originated, with Charlotte´s initial designs coming from the creations she had seen there, which captivated her imagination and her heart.

Travel is always a fabulous, and enjoyable way to open your mind and discover new cultures, immerse yourself in ancient traditions and create lifelong memories. All of our jewellery collections are inspired by adventure, and we like to think that the careful choice of precious gemstones, soothing crystals, and our bestselling spinning jewellery brings a touch of exotic spirit to the wearer, affording you an element of everyday luxury, created consciously.

Whatever 2017 has in store, embrace it with an open mind, and we wish you a year filled with health, happiness, and of course, fabulous jewellery!

Happy New Year from all of us at Charlotte’s Web.

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