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Intellectual Property - Why Choose Our Designs?

Back in April, the creative world celebrated World Intellectual Property Day, which is observed on April 26 each year to increase awareness and understanding of intellectual property worldwide. The date sees a whole host of events and activities taking place across the globe as artists, designers, innovators and writers aim to increase people’s awareness and understanding and respect of Intellectual Property.

So, what is Intellectual Property? Known as IP, the term usually refers to creations of the mind, for example, literary and artistic works, inventions, logos and symbols, as well names and images used in business or commerce. And of course designs, such as jewellery, clothing, or any other lifestyle accessories.

As designers, we strive to be different, to break the mould, to create innovative, forward thinking pieces which will inspire and empower the wearer. So, if our designs are our intellectual property, how do we protect them? There are ways to do so legally, by using copyright, trademarks and patents, however, as we have learned from experience, it’s virtually impossible to stop others from ´copying´ your designs, ideas and style.

Charlotte’s Web are the pioneers of spinning silver jewellery in the UK, with founder Charlotte Howarth having been designing spinning jewellery for over a decade, after having her imagination captured by examples of the entrancing spinning pieces on her global travels. Our signature selection of spinning jewellery has since expanded from spinning rings, to bracelets and pendants, used throughout history to calm and soothe the soul. 

However, in recent years, we have noticed some new designers on the scene introducing spinning jewellery, some of which bears more than a passing resemblance to our own designs. Is this an infringement on our IP? Creative plagiarism? It’s difficult to define, and in a way, we are almost flattered that people are so inspired by our designs, by their spirit of adventure. Yet, at the same time we are fiercely protective of our brand values, which revolve around fairly traded, high quality materials, personally sourcing the finest, most skilled artisans, and ensuring that all working conditions are thoroughly inspected.

And indeed, we cannot be sure that others who produce similar pieces have the same levels of integrity that we do. One thing we have noticed with our competitors is that often the materials used are of much poorer quality, and this often enables them to sell similar items at lower prices. However, we believe that our existing clients return to us and new clients are attracted by our genuine love for what we do, high standards and dedication to quality, which will set us apart from the crowd time after time.

Spinning jewellery is an integral part of our collection, and includes our most popular pieces, due to their unusual nature and calming qualities. Our carefully selected Spinning Sets bring together complementary pieces from our favourite designs, including matching rings, bracelets and pendants, making a sublime addition to any jewellery collection or a truly emotive and expressive gift for a loved one.

So, when you are searching for the perfect piece of spinning jewellery, unusual handmade jewellery or contemporary, cutting edge designs, make Charlotte´s Web online boutique your very first choice, to ensure the highest quality and original designs.

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