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What Are Worry Rings?

In a world where stress forms part of our every day, it’s easy to become a worrier. We worry about our jobs, our children, our finances, and many of us worry about worrying, but all this worrying can be very stressful on the soul. And if left untreated, it can cause anxiety.

Meditation, massage, and exercise are natural stress reducers, and highly effective at soothing away the stresses of the day, but they require time, something many of us don’t have the luxury of today, and so many people are turning to worry rings and spinning jewellery for anxiety relief on the go.

But what are Worry Rings, and how can they help ease your anxiety? Here we look at the history of these spinning wonders, and why they are the perfect jewellery gift for anyone feeling stressed.


Tibetan Worry Rings

Worry Rings stem from ancient Buddhist meditation practices. They take their inspiration from Tibetan Prayer Wheels, or Chokhor as they are referred to by Buddhist monks, decorative spinning cylinders engraved with sacred scripts and prayers. During Tibetan and Nepalese meditation practices, Buddhists spin prayer wheels as they recite mantras such as Om Mani Padme Hum, to invoke calmness, compassion, and good karma. The soothing spinning motion thought to incite mental clarity and emotional stability.

Anxiety Rings work in the same way. They feature two, three, or even four bands that you can spin when feeling stressed to keep restless hands occupied and soothe a troubled mind. But they look just like regular handmade silver jewellery, and no-one will ever know that your fidget ring is relieving your anxiety.

How to Use a Worry Ring

Most of us feel the need to fidget when we’re feeling anxious. Some people tap their nails, some fiddle with their keys, while others twirl their hair. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s obvious, and it can make an anxious person feel even more anxious.

Rings that spin provide relief for restless hands. Decorative bands adorned with artistic engraving and colourful gemstones; they are tactile treasures that you can spin at leisure to instil calmness. They may attract attention, but only in the form of admiring glances, and so they are a jewellery box staple that you can wear every day.

Worry rings are not a cure for anxiety, but they can certainly help in stressful situations, particularly when combined with other anxiety treatments, and if you are searching for something to calm your nerves throughout the day, it could be time to take spinning jewellery for a spin.

Spinning Sensations at Charlotte’s Web

As spinning jewellery specialists, we offer a vast selection of worry rings, worry bracelets, and worry necklaces to help you spin your way to serenity. Handcrafted and ethically sourced, our silver jewellery is designed to inspire and uplift the wearer while showcasing their unique sense of style. They are the perfect gift for troubled spirits and those prone to worry. They soothe the stresses of everyday life so you can be you.

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