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Truly, Madly, Deeply....our love affair with Turquoise

Anyone who has visited our online boutique will immediately recognise our ongoing affinity with all things turquoise, this magical colour, and precious stone, which is reflected not only in our jewellery, but across our logo, website and also our newly designed packaging, all of which carry this most striking of colours.

So, in this week´s blog, we delve deeper to uncover a little more about the meaning and history of this most captivating of stones, to explain why it means so much to us, and you as our customers..

Turquoise is quite possibly the most ancient stone known to man, and has been recognised throughout history as the amulet of warriors, royalty, gods and goddesses. It´s captivating colour has come to be widely recognised as symbolising protection from evil, it is both bold yet opaque, healing and soothing, very gentle on the eye, almost as if a fragment of heaven has fallen to earth. These divine stones often feature a natural pattern of delicate brown, the pattern sometimes not dissimilar to a spider´s web, and this is a unique and inherent part of each individual turquoise stone, enhancing its natural beauty even further.

The name Turquoise originates from the French expression “pierre tourques” which literally translates as “Turkish stone.” The name which can be found dating as far back as the thirteenth century is an indication that the stones first arrived in Europe via Turkish nomads. If you look back at any ancient culture, from the Aztecs to the Native North Americans, Egyptians and Persian cultures, you will find that Turquoise has always represented immortality, wisdom and nobility, and been worn to bring the wearer luck and divine protection.

Here at Charlotte´s Web, we adore turquoise for many different reasons, Not only does it contrast so perfectly with the sterling silver and other mixed metals which feature heavily throughout our signature collections, to us, it also captures the heady feeling of summer, of adventure, feet in the sand and brings a reminder of that magical feeling into our everyday lives.

Turquoise also resonates deeply within us because of our affiliation with our beloved island of Ibiza. Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Ibiza or indeed her even more spectacular sister island of Formentera will instantly connect the entrancing colour of stones with the azul, crystalline waters of these most idyllic of islands, where all your troubles truly do seem to vanish, as if by magic.. So.. Whether you are looking for an escape from the 'real world', or wish to bring a little everyday luxury into your life.. Turquoise truly touches the soul..

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