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Stress Awareness Month – Spin and wish your way to less stress with Charlotte’s Web

The trials and tribulations of modern day life can often leave us feeling exhausted, drained, worn down, and most of all.... super stressed. With the modern day concept of “having it all” frequently forced upon us, many of us over exert ourselves trying to juggle a career with a super social life, family and friends, but sometimes it’s simply all too much.

Which is why, since 1992, April has been recognised as Stress Awareness Month, highlighting the dangers, which a supremely stressful lifestyle can bring. Sponsored by The Health Resource Network (HRN), a non-profit health education organisation, Stress Awareness Month is an international, cooperative effort to inform people about the dangers of stress, offer successful coping strategies, and dispel harmful misconceptions about stress which can be so prevalent in our society.

As well as the tell tale signs of anxiety, fatigue and short tempers, stress affects us physically as well as emotionally. Feeling under pressure can lead to a poor diet, using junk food or sugar to ward off stress relating pains, or even alcohol and drugs, all easy crutches to lean on when we feel overwhelmed.

Relaxation Techniques

So, what can we do to alleviate the pressures, which are placed upon us on a daily basis? Many people are looking to mindfulness as an answer, and the powers of gentle, ancient techniques such as meditation and yoga to withdraw from our everyday stress and channel positive energy through our minds. Other simple ways to relieve feeling of anxiety can be as simple as taking a walk in nature, listening to music, reading an inspiring novel or simply turning off your phone for an hour and letting go.


At Charlotte´s Web, we are delighted to offer you another way to reduce the stress levels in your life. Spinning jewellery has roots in ancient Tibetan meditation traditions, with the repetitive spinning motion of the intertwining rings gently soothing the soul and spirit. At Charlotte´s Web, our signature spinning jewellery is an integral part of our collection, and includes our most popular pieces, due to their unusual nature and calming qualities.

Our carefully selected Spinning Sets bring together complementary pieces from our favourite designs, including matching rings, bracelets and pendants, making a sublime addition to any jewellery collection or a truly emotive and expressive gift for a loved one.

Spinning Jewellery Sets 

We find that our sterling silver spinning rings are our most loved pieces, designed not only to adorn and embellish your hands, but to calm and soothe your mind. Charlotte´s Web offer the original and most extensive collection of handmade Silver Spinning Rings, ranging from simple silver spinner rings to ornate gemstone spin rings, each piece tells a story. Our sterling silver spinning rings are also often known as Meditation Rings and Motion Rings.

Wearing spinning jewellery can not only enhance your look, and bring a touch of everyday luxury into your life, but the tried and tested ancient techniques of using spinning jewellery as a meditation or anxiety tool have been proven over centuries.

Spinning Rings, Spinner Rings, Spin Rings, Meditation Rings, Yoga

Try it for yourself, and spin and wish your way to a less stressed life with spinning jewellery from Charlotte´s Web.

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