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Ibiza Style – Get the White Island Look with Charlotte’s Web

Ibiza has long been known as a magnet for fashionistas, style icons and those who dare to be different with their sense of dress, style and glamour. From the bohemian, eclectic, carefree dress of the gypset to the high fashion, designer brands which we now see so often in the superclubs, Ibiza style simply encapsulates romance, charisma and beauty.

As our founder Charlotte Howarth has now made her home on this most magical island, having been enchanted like so many before her by Ibiza’s spiritual allure, our collections are very much inspired by the natural beauty that we see on the island each and everyday, and also by the free spirits who have made Ibiza their home. 

The island is known for many things, the open minded lifestyle, as well as the beautiful beaches, and especially the sparkling turquoise seas. These crystalline waters have provided much inspiration for our signature jewellery pieces, including of course our Truly Turquoise collection. 

We use turquoise heavily throughout all of our collections, not simply because of its beauty and powerful qualities, but because it´s vibrant colour works so well with our range of sterling silver and mixed metal pieces, and for us, it also captures the heady feeling of an Ibizan summer, of adventure, feet in the sand and brings a reminder of that magical feeling into our everyday lives. Turquoise is believed to be the oldest stone in history, widely recognized as the talisman of royalty, shamans, and warriors.

Since the arrival of the early bohemian set in the 60’s and 70’s, when Ibiza attracted a colourful, eccentric crowd of artists, writers, poets, thinkers and dreamers, the island has retained this ‘anything goes’ mindset, and this is obvious in the kaleidoscopic array of flamboyant characters that can be found living and loving the island all year round.

In the height of the summer, we see a different style arrive, the party people, who come to enjoy the decadent, hedonistic nightlife scene, and they bring with them a touch of glamour, with dazzling designer dresses and a touch of disco dust!

All of our jewellery and lifestyle pieces are designed for free spirits and inspired by adventure, which is why we feel they fit so well with the Ibiza boho chic vibe.

We feel that our Enchanted collection has a particular affinity with the White Island, a spiritual, symbolic collection featuring some of our most captivating pieces, all with their own enigmatic qualities. Discover the beauty of nature, ancient myths and the combination of sterling silver, mixed metals and precious gemstones, which combine so naturally to create the Enchanted Collection. 

It’s impossible to completely capture in words the essence of Ibiza style, but we hope that we have encapsulated a touch of the island’s magic in our jewellery and lifestyle collections, and that when you wear them, you can experience the magnetic pull of Ibiza’s wonder each and every time you wear them.

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