Glorious Garnet – The Birthstone for January

Posted on 31 January 2017

As we wave goodbye to January, and flow forward into February, we take an in-depth look at the distinctive and divine stone which represents this month, Glorious Garnet..

Birthstones are gemstones which have an affinity with each individual birth month, and all of them have their own unique significance. Throughout history, great importance has been placed on the stone connected with each month, and our collections feature many of these vivid, dazzling jewels, with garnet being one of our favourites..

Those of you who have celebrated a birthday in January are lucky enough to be associated with the glittering garnet, a vibrant, captivating and sensuous semi-precious stone, which is said to enhance the wearer and bring them health, peace and prosperity.

The title “garnet” originates from the Latin word “granatum” which translates as “pomegranate” mainly due to the fact that crystals resemble the vibrant red flesh of this most succulent fruit.

Dating back to the Bronze Age, this multi faceted gem is derived from six different qualities of stone, each of which is determined by the chemical makeup of each type. Most of us will recognise this glamorous garnet as a rich, deep red, but it does also exist in a whole rainbow of other colours.. for example, the green garnet is a symbol of prosperity and success, and you may even be lucky enough to discover a rare colourless stone, the most highly valued of all the garnet family..

For centuries, garnet has been used as a talisman for personal protection throughout ancient cultures and civilisations. It is said that being the lucky owner of a garnet will bring success and health, and indeed, the gem is also known as the ‘Gem of Faith’, meaning that it has the ability to bestow, health, wealth and eternal happiness on the owner.

Garnet traditionally represents truth, purity, victory, faith, friendship and protection. The January birthstone symbolises joy, truth and sincerity and on a more spiritual level is said to raise personal awareness, honesty and commitment, as well as insight and regeneration, and can protect the wearer against negative auras and dark, draining energies.

Garnet is the root chakra stone, which is known to ground you and bring you energy in your career, whether that means building self-confidence, providing inspiration or releasing creativity. One of the most important aspects of Garnet is that it's the stone of positive thoughts, used to alleviate  depression, it has a calming effect and can make clear your life's purpose.

You will find garnet featuring heavily throughout all of our signature collections, we simply can´t get enough of its deep, mysterious hue, and some of most popular pieces feature this majestic stone. So, which one will you choose? Dive deeper and discover more in our online boutique.

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