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Charlotte´s Web Logo – A Labour of Love

Creating a logo, that´s easy right? In our new world order of modern technology, awash with fabulously creative graphic designers who have cutting edge design programmes at their fingertips, creating a captivating, outstanding and befitting logo for a unique jewellery brand should be an easy brief.. or so we thought....

For many years, we have redesigned and redeveloped our logo, moving forward as our company grew organically, to include fresh and new images, always incorporating our iconic goddess, with cobwebs in her hair, representing the mystical, magical & dreamy aspect of all that we do, and she remained with us throughout our journey, from our colourful beginnings in India, travelling with us across continents and being by our side as we drew inspiration from our adventures.


Our logos have always been a hugely important reflection of not just our brand, but our ethics, our collections, and the conscious way in which we create and sell our pieces. From our fun filled days of showcasing our pieces at festivals and on the bohemian London market scene, Charlotte´s Web has flourished and matured both as a brand and personally, and we felt that we needed to reflect this with a more refined, sophisticated and polished logo, and so the quest for the ´perfect´ logo began.

GEOMETRIC LOGOHaving called upon the skills of several highly recommended designers, friends, and associates, no one seemed to be able to quite capture the very essence of what we wanted to convey, and although their designs were certainly professional and artistic, we found them to be too geometric, too harsh, and frustratingly, not fitting with our imaginations.

Sure, we had a difficult brief, with our clean, sharp font, we needed a softer, more imperfect web to complement this, and we wished to incorporate the colour turquoise, which features heavily throughout our collections, a truly empowering colour, encapsulating the heady feeling of summer, holidays and adventure.


Turquoise is used so predominantly in our collections, not only because of its attractive colour, but because whenever we add turquoise into our pieces, they instantly become bestsellers, for example our Rajput collection, which is a bold and majestic mixture of pieces featuring striking turquoise, exquisitely paired with sterling silver and mixed metals, an idyllic combination.

Eventually, our dreams came to fruition, after our sales and brand development angel Emma, embarked on a trip to Majorca, and became almost spookily entranced by the images of webs everywhere she went, as if she was captured by a world of webs, which gave her the inspiration, having studied art, to create her own design.


And so she spent an afternoon creating, exploring and experimenting with her watercolours, and bringing her own innate knowledge and understanding of the company, she burst into the office with an armful of drawings, and with great excitement we reworked and reinvented her original sketches until, finally, we had our perfect design, an imperfect captivating web, hand painted and drawn from the heart, perfectly complementing the clean sharp font, adorned with precious gemstones and, most importantly, born from the love of the brand. A true labour of love!



All of our packing is now being rebranded with our wonderfully emotive logo, and of course it will be featured heavily throughout our rebranded website, launching very soon, which also reflects our growth and the way we are maturing and developing as a brand, moving forward boldly and adventurously, to bring you more of the collections you love, along with a highly anticipated collection of fine jewellery which we are currently designing and creating consciously.

Live as you dream, discover more magic..

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