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Bold, Beautiful Bangles

Charlotte´s Web has a carefully cultivated collection of elegant and distinctive handmade sterling silver bracelets and bangles, all created consciously by the highest skilled artisans. Whatever your individual style or budget, we have the perfect piece to adorn your arms. Embrace our signature spinning sterling silver bracelets, timeless bangles in mixed metals and elegant hammered silver bangles.

Bangles are so much more than simply an adornment for your arm, they can enhance an outfit, make a statement and act as a anti anxiety aid. We simply love bangles of all styles, which is why we have created a bangle collection which we are confident has uplifting, empowering pieces to suit everybody.

History of Bracelets

The actual origin of the first ever bangles is a much debated subject. There exists archaeological evidence from Ancient Egyptian times, with paintings depicting both men and women wearing bracelets as early as 5,000 B.C. However, the discovery of an obsidian bracelet in a region of Turkey in 1995 which is believed to date back to approximately 7,500 B.C. makes it likely that they did indeed exist in Persian times.

The name bangle was derived from the Hindi words ‘bangri’ or ‘bangali’, translating in traditional Sanskrit to mean literally, an ‘ornament which adorns the arm’. Bangles have been worn for centuries across the globe, but play particularly important roles in Hindu culture, where today, it is still considered essential for married women to wear bangles as a sign of their betrothal.

Hindi Bangles

The repetitive motion of spinning bangles is proven to aid anxiety, instantly soothing the soul & spirit. One of our most loved and bestselling bangles is the alluring, handmade, Rajput Precious Stone Spinning Bangle. This gemstone mixed metal bangle has been inspired by our bestselling Rajput ring, a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection, bringing a touch of everyday luxury into your life. Mixed Metals offset with turquoise and white pearls are the perfect combination and make this chunky silver spin bangle a true statement piece to be treasured for a lifetime.

Spinning Bangles / Bracelets, Fidget Bangles

Stacking bangles are always in style, we especially love this Princess Gemstone Stacking Bangle, a captivating handmade silver and white topaz bangle. Elegant and slender, this sterling silver stacking bangle is adorned with square cut faceted white topaz stones.

Stacking Bangles / Bracelets, Gemstone Bracelet

We are often asked, what differentiates a bangle from a bracelet? The simple answer is that a bangle is traditionally made from one or two curved pieces, whereas a bracelet is usually a more complex combination of interlocking links. Bangles are either a fully formed circular shape, designed to slip elegantly over the wrist and hang freely, or a partially formed cuff, the latter of which has become extremely popular in recent style trends.

Inspired by adventure and designed for free spirits, our silver Feather Bangle and Feather Cuff are guaranteed to catch the eye and ensure you stand out from the crowd in style.

Feather Bracelet, Feather Bangle, Feather Cuff, Silver Bangle

Discover more beautiful bangles, all designed to bring a touch of everyday luxury to your life in our online boutique.

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