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Alluring Amethyst – February's Vibrant Birthstone

Alluring Amethyst..the bright and vibrant birthstone of February is a delightful variety of the quartz family of stones, and it glows with a spectacular range of purple shades, beautifully blending hues of deep violet and red to a lovely lilac tone.


Amethyst gemstones feature heavily throughout our signature collections, because their deep vibrant colours are so beguiling, catching the light and matching perfectly with the sterling silver and mixed metals used in our pieces. One of our most popular pieces is the Rajput Amethyst Spinning Ring, which brings a touch of the orient into your life. This opulent piece perfectly combines three silver rings, the centre ring adorned with pretty, dark amethysts revolve gently around a chunky gently hammered band of solid silver.

Ancient Egyptian legends decree that amethyst stones were full of positive powers, and so they were often interred into the tombs of pharaohs and other revered people to aid their passage into the afterlife. Throughout medieval times, the stone was often used as a form of medication, to prevent drowsiness, sharpen intellect, and most importantly, protect the wearer from witchcraft and evil powers. Amethyst stones were also often found embedded into the armour of warriors and soldiers as they were said to help to bring the wearer to victory in battle. Our Precious Stone Spinning Bangle encompasses three ornate silver rings adorned with large faceted gemstones, which revolve gently around a chunky decorative flower embossed band of solid silver, an ideal gift when bearing all of these powerful factors in mind.
Amethyst Spinning Ring, Bangle Set
One other trait of amethyst which is perhaps less well known is that is reputed to protect the wearer from extreme intoxication from alcohol! We unearthed this amusing anecdote, which explains the history behind this most interesting myth!

Bacchus, renowned as the god of wine in ancient mythology, was offended when his advances of love were scorned by the powerful female warrior, Diana the huntress. Hell bent on revenge, he decreed that the first person he should meet after their disagreement would be fed to his army of tigers. However, history tells us, that the first person he happened upon was in fact a beautiful young woman named Amethyst. Terrified by his threats, she called upon the warrior Diana to save her soul, and so Diana cast a spell which changed the young girl into an enchanting, sparkling white stone, as Bacchus watched in horror. Wracked with guilt, and regretting his haste, Bacchus poured wine onto her, allegedly giving Amethyst the exquisite scarlet shade we all recognise today.
Amethyst Goblets by One Kings Lane
As a result of this rather farfetched, yet charming story, amethyst goblets were used by the ancient Romans to drink their wine, in the hope that it would prevent the drinker from over intoxication! So, perhaps when you are planning your next big night out, you may wish to wear our Amethyst Infinity Necklace, an enchanting, elegant necklace, handcrafted from etched sterling silver and sparkles with a faceted Amethyst stone set to the centre.
Amethyst Infinity Necklace and Earrings
Amethyst is a timeless, bewitching stone, and we simply adore its rich and varied hues, so delve deeper into out Amethyst collection, we are confident that you will find a piece to adorn and enchant you this February, and all year round.
Amethyst Table
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