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Posted on 31 August 2014



What does your jewellery say about you?

I love hearing the meanings and stories behind our jewellery, there is something magical about wearing a symbolic piece. An item can make you feel beautiful, but can also have other positive effects too.

Our beautiful flower of life pendant can have healing powers and aid in the journey to connect you to your higher self. It is made up of thirteen spheres, representing mathematical and geometrical laws, which illustrate the whole universe; this is one of the most sacred shapes.

We also have the tree of life jewellery, which signifies unity, strength, beauty and protection. The heart pieces we have represent our core; it is used to show the moral, emotional and spiritual side of a person and is also used to represent love.

The sacred spiral represents eternity, the universal pattern of evolution, growth and energy. Then there is the circle, a common symbol but also a sign of unity and wholeness.

Feathers symbolise ascension and a person’s spiritual evolution to a higher place. They are also known to mean truth, speed, lightness and flight.

The Hamsa Hand is a charm used for protection and security. We have some pretty Hamsa Hand pieces in our new collection. They show the movement of energy, which in yoga represents the flow of breath, known as Prana.

The angel wings we have, are not just beautiful but symbolic of ascension and the higher evolution of the soul. Another gorgeous item in our collection is the lotus flower, which is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

Mala beads are used for counting during mantra mediations, used since the 10th century as a meditation aid; they help to focus the mind and clarity.

Our symbolic jewellery is very on trend this season, but these pieces are also timeless, as their positive benefits last forever. 

So which items will you pick?

Love, Charlotte x



Silver Angel Wing Necklace


Silver Angel Wing Necklace



 Gemstone Brass Feather Ring



Silver Spiral Earrings



Flower of Life Pendant



Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings



Filigree Silver Heart Earrings 



Silver Hamsa Gemstone Necklace


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