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Summer Goddess Style

Here at Charlotte’s Web we believe every woman has an inner Goddess just waiting to be released! In this blog post we’re going to help you suss your holiday (or heat wave) style so you can dress like a true Goddess this summer. From Aphrodite the goddess of love to Saraswati the goddess of wisdom - you can let your inner goddess shine this summer time!


Inside & Out


Before you turn to your style, start with your soul. The key to being a true goddess isn't necessarily what clothing and accessories you adorn yourself with but rather what fills your heart and soul. Keep a warm heart and a bright smile. Be kind, courageous and above all confident. Confidence denotes true beauty… it is key to channeling your true inner goddess! 


Hair & Beauty


When channeling your inner goddess through your hair and make-up, think big & beautiful. Subtle waves created with rollers or tongs and set with a light spritz of hairspray can give any hair a goddess boost. Need something a little cooler for the heat of concrete jungles or beach getaways? A Grecian inspired up-do is the perfect remedy. Start by creating one of two plaits and then carefully pin & position them into a crown on top of your head. Use lots of bobby-pins and set with hairspray. A little flower can’t hurt either… nature is a goddess’ best friend! 


Goddess Style & Dress 


We believe Goddess style incorporates three important factors... 

  1. Femininity
  2. Form
  3. Colour

Before you can choose the perfect goddess style for you, you need to assert what kind of goddess you are, naturally! There are hundreds of deities across different cultures you can look to for inspiration however we have chosen some well-known favourites to start you off with...


Love Goddess


Admire the qualities of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, passion and beauty? Look for feminine, sultry yet classy dress forms, in bold colours which represent the nature of love and passion. Like our Cotton Flared Maxi Dress in Pink Floral! With it’s stunning floral pattern in rich pink/red tones over it’s flattering yet feminine cut, you are sure to channel the goddess of love in this dress!



Sun Goddess


Are you a true sun worshiper? Does your perfect holiday entail basking away in the warm glow of the summer sun? Then the light & life giving Indian goddess Aditi is the goddess for you! Believed to have given birth to the universe, she is known as the keeper of light and life. Choose a rich gold colour to inspire such qualities, and accessorise with accents of bronze. Choose a cool, airy and flattering dress style, much like our Recycled Sari Silk Flamenco Dress in Gold/Green!



Moon Goddess


Consider yourself a night owl? Prefer dancing until the little hours and frolicking in the moonlight? You sound like a Moon Goddess, like the Greek Deity Aega! Choose cool, calming and tranquil shades of blue and accompany with accents of silver in your accessories, with moonstones of course! The moon rules the tides so think, floaty layers and waves of fabric… much like our Recycled Sari Silk High Low Maxi Dress. The layers look quite magical when dancing!




Goddess of Knowledge 


 The Hindu Goddess Saraswaiti is the purveyor of knowledge and the creative arts… are you a creative being? Bold, sometimes brash and thirsty for knowledge? The Red Bandeau Maxi is for you! Body skimming yet simple and elegant... however this dress packs a punch with it’s vibrant, abstract patterns, varying from spheres to zig zags in the side seam. A secret burst of contrasting patterns for those who like to keep a little trick up their sleeve! Channeling an abstract work of art for the goddess of imagination! 



Now you've got your clothes sussed... time for the finishing touches...


Goddess inspired Accessories


Every Goddess enjoys adorning themselves with semi precious metals and stones, the gifts from mother earth!

Long, dangling, earrings create a feminine mystique… as well as catching the eyes of admirers. Plus they look stunning with a goddess inspired updo. Some of our favourites include our Lotus Flower Drop earringsRajasthani Tribal Gemstone Earrings (available with turquoise or moonstone) and the statement Large Silver Feather Earrings, sure to stir up your inner goddess even when paired with a dressed down look!


 Most depictions of goddesses are usually not imagined without fingers covered with silver and arms graced with bangles. Wear your cuffs higher up your arms than you would normally to re-create the well-known Egyptian Goddess look… this can be achieved with adjustable bangles that can be worn up high or at wrist length, such as our Turquoise and Pearl Tribal Bangles or our Unique Feather Cuffs, stacking also creates an opulent look sure to make any attire more magical.



And finally, the Pièce de résistance of any Goddess inspired look, stunning handmade silver rings. Are you looking to make a statement and like a little history behind your jewellery? Pick one of our Handmade Silver Spinning Rings, in ancient traditions this style of ring was worn to reduce tension and stress levels due to the repetitive motions the ‘spinning’ rotation of the bands made. Available in a variety styles with varying designs and stones… these spinning rings were made for Goddess’!



Or do you fancy something a little more delicate? If so choose one of our ornate and Charming Stacking Rings, available with different flower details and gemstone combinations, these rings stack perfectly or look unique and delicate on their own.



So now you have your Goddess makeover sussed, what are you waiting for? Go forth and dazzle the humble mortals! 



Love, Charlotte's Web.

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