Donations For India - Covid 19 Crisis





We have now paused our donations of £5 from every spinning jewellery purchase. We are currently looking at other ways we can raise money and where it should be sent and as soon as we have decided we will update this page. However, if you would like to donate then you can still donate here, and we'll send the money to the same charity.

£5 will buy a vital Grocery Kit for India’s impoverished via Donatekartwhich can feed a family from the marginalised community for one week. 

India’s Corona lockdown is the harshest in the world! As a result, many people are homeless and starving.

Charlotte is in constant contact with our artisans in India and the cottage industries and families our business supports. Since global crisis has hit with the Coronavirus pandemic; although we are relieved to hear that our team in Jaipur, Rajasthan and their families are safe and well, they have informed us of how absolutely dire the situation is for so many in India. 

We want to send crucial aid to the impoverished of our beloved Rajasthan. India’s daily wage workers are left starving without means to earn. What’s more, as many people lived in their work locations, lockdown rendered them penniless and homeless with no means of transport to get home to their families. This resulted in the biggest mass migration since partition. The unimaginable horror of people trekking for hundreds of kilometres on foot and starving to death en route.

Sending money to India can be tricky, as you don't always know if all the donations will reach the people it's intended for. We have spent a lot of time researching different charities to make sure we pick the most transparent, so we can trust all our donations are being spent correctly to help those in need. We would also like to confirm that your full donation will be passed onto to Donatekart, we won't be taking off any admin fees etc, so you can rest assured that your donation will be going to good use to a person who really needs it.

To find out more please read our blog here.