Shakti Power Spinning Bangle

£67.50 £135.00



Bold and Striking Solid Silver Spinning Bangle

A powerful and emotive gift to be treasured for a lifetime, this silver spinning bracelet is designed to uplift the spirits. The Sanskrit word Shakti means ´power´, and the spinning motion will empower the wearer whilst at the same time soothing the soul.

Designed by Charlotte and brought to life by our trusted craftsmen, this meditation bracelet will soothe your soul and spirit with its gentle spinning motion. Spin rings have been used for centuries to aid anxiety and soothe away stress.

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  • Sterling Silver
  • Handmade
  • Two Sizes: Small/Medium - diameter, 6.4cm, Medium/Large - diameter, 6.8cm
  • Width: 1cm
    Code: JB077

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