Bestsellers Starter Collection




Everyday luxury for free spirits and adventurous souls. Our Bestsellers starter collection features a selection of handmade jewellery adored by Charlotte's Web Tribe.  Our bestselling signature silver spinning rings alongside some of our bestselling earrings, necklaces and bangles. Each piece inspires imaginations and tells a story.

Our fairtrade jewellery is handcrafted in Jaipur, India by skilled artisans. Our precious and semi-precious gemstones are sustainably sourced, and we use premium silver and mixed metals to create our unique designs.

Charlotte's Web Jewellery bestsellers will make an outstanding addition to your in-store or online jewellery collection.

  • Sterling silver, mixed metal styles with brass / copper
  • Handmade
  • All of our stones are real so colours may vary 
  • See individual product listings for product descriptions and measurements
  • One piece per style:
  • Aura Magic Spinning Ring - size P
  • Aura Halo Silver Spinning Ring - size N
  • Karma Fortune Spinning Ring  - size N
  • Karma Abundance Spinning Ring - size P
  • Maharani Spin and Wish Spinning Ring - size N
  • Rajput Empowerment Spinning Ring - Turquoise and Pearl - size P
  • Rajput Empowerment Spinning Necklace - Turquoise and Pearl on 16"- 18" Adjustable Snake Chain
  • Rajput Toe / Midi Ring - Turquoise & Mixed Metals - one size
  • Secret Garden Ring - Turquoise - size N
  • Ethereal Galaxy Spinning Ring - Pearl, Labradorite & White Topaz - size P
  • Holi Prosperity Spinning Ring - Amethyst, Peridot & Rhodolite Garnet - size N
  • Moon Phase Spinning Ring - size P
  • Infinity Universe Necklace - Moonstone & Mixed Metals on 16" - 18" adjustable snake chain
  • Infinity Universe Earrings - Moonstone & Mixed Metals
  • Infinity Universe Necklace - Turquoise on 16" - 18" adjustable snake chain
  • Infinity Universe Earrings - Turquoise
  • Sarisha Spirit Bangle - Turquoise, Pearl and Amethyst One Size
  • Holi Jewel Turquoise Bangle - Small/Medium
  • Guiding North Star Mini Hoops - Turquoise
  • Lakshmi Earrings - Blue Topaz
  • Lakshmi Necklace - Blue Topaz on adjustable 16-18" link chain