Once you have selected your Charlotte’s Web ring you will need to choose what size you would like.

You can measure your finger in 2 different ways. To find out your ring size, simply follow the instructions below...


The easiest way, if you have a ring that already fits the same finger.  Print off the circles guide here and place your ring on them, you’ll need to close one eye to get a really accurate size. For a normal narrow ring all of the lighter colour should fill the inside edge.  For all of our wider rings, then all of the circle including the darker border needs to fill the inside edge. You can also use a ruler to measure across the inside edge of the ring in millimetres.

Useful tip: always, measure your finger at room temperature. If it’s too cold your finger will be smaller; if it’s too hot your finger will be larger.


Use a measuring tape no wider than (2cm). Do not use a piece of string or thread as this will follow your finger too closely & record an incorrect size. Wrap the measuring tape around your finger, making sure it slides easily over the knuckle. Using a pen, mark the tape at the point where it overlaps. Now measure the length in millimetres from the start of the tape to the pen mark. 

All sizes are approximate as the rings are all handmade 


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