Fair Trade and Ethos

Fairly Traded With Love

Charlotte’s Web believes in the concept of ‘Trade not Aid’.

Each year Charlotte spends time abroad overseeing all of our production whilst working alongside the workers and artists.

We buy directly from the small businesses who actually make our clothes, handmade goods and jewellery. This policy ensures that the profits go back to the people who make the goods rather than to a middleman.

We import all of our own goods and personally oversee all of our production, ensuring that throughout this process all of our suppliers adhere to the principles of fair trade. Thereby ensuring that all those involved in producing all of our goods receive a fair wage, work in a good, safe environment and that no child labour is used.

We are interested in creating beneficial long term relationships with our suppliers, this approach has lead to a non exploitative and trusting relationship between us.

Having a love, and respect for the countries that we trade with, we are determined that our business would help rather than exploit the people with which we trade.


We support traditional and small scale production of handmade products, creating a demand for the handmade goods that people in developing countries so skillfully produce and ensure that the producers get a fair reward for the goods that they produce.


Most of our clothes are made from natural materials such as cotton and silk. We encourage our producers to use vegetable and mineral based dyes wherever possible. We recycle saris in the production of some of our clothing collection too.


From day one we have always had a strict no plastic bag policy, selling all our goods in recycled paper and fabric bags only. We minimise the amount of plastic used in packaging and recycle as much of our packing materials as possible.


All our marketing materials and promotions are sent electronically unless specifically requested. Any printed materials where possible will be printed on recycled paper and card.


We ensure the maximum amount of waste is recycled on both our stall and in our day to day life. We recycle sari fabrics in our clothing collections.


At Events and Festivals we keep our electricity requirements to a minimum, using power only for lighting if power is used at all.


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