Rajput Empowerment Spinning Necklace




Empower the spirits and the soul with every spin of the Rajput Empowerment spinning necklace. A majestic piece of jewellery for boho collections, it is handcrafted in mixed metals, beautifully presented on a silver chain, and adorned with December birthstone turquoise and June birthstone pearls to create the perfect birthstone jewellery gift.

Part of our signature spinning jewellery collection, the Rajput Empowerment spinning necklace soothes the soul with its comforting spinning motion. The semi-precious stone charm, inspired by our love of India, is highly decorative and designed to make an eye-catching addition to boho clothing, workwear, and summer fashions. Pair with other pieces from the Rajput Collection to spin your way to empowerment.

  • Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, Turquoise and Pearl
  • Handmade
  • Charm Diameter: 0.8cm. Width: 1cm
Code: JP123

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