November birthstone - Beautiful Topaz

Posted on 16 November 2015

If you or a loved one are celebrating a birthday in November, then your traditional birthstone is Topaz. Available in tones of yellow, light to medium blue, violet yellow, pink, peach, gold, green, red and brown. The most valuable and rare are Topaz with Orange-red and pink colours

Topaz is said to symbolise fidelity, eternal love and mutual understanding. Blue topaz is also said to have healing attributes and is good for calming the wearer, perfect for getting you through the stress of Christmas preparations!

At Charlotte's Web we have a small range of jewellery featuring a beautiful light blue topaz stone. 

Chakra Bangle with TopazChakra Necklace with Topaz

Above Brass Chakra Bangle and Sterling Silver Chakra Necklace both featuring Blue Topaz

Handmade Earrings with Blue topazTopaz Ring

Above handmade Silver earrings and handmade silver rings, all featuring Blue Topaz

Hope you like the Topaz collection!

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